A little thought on Monday : Girls trip is always exciting +{Tokyo Pastry}

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello friends, Happy Monday. Those who have a long Raya break, do you feel recharged? I was a couch potato for two days finishing my K-drama (I hear your voice). One of the best drama I ever watched, but short while after I finished the episode and got my eyes swollen, I was back to be an active me. I went to run almost everyday of my remaining break, my husband was spending time with my daughter in the swimming pool and I also met my girl friends for heavenly cakes :). It was entirely a good break!

We will be flying tonight or rather midnight and we will be waking up tomorrow morning, get down from the plane and enjoy a mild Winter of WA for the next 9 days. I am looking forward for it, a well deserve holiday for my family :).

Meanwhile, in this last post before I am off for a while, I want to share a good local pastry shop near where I live - Tokyo Pastry. I always love Japanese cakes and breads, because they normally not as sweet as other typical cakes. So during our outing, I brought my girl friends there. Obviously as seen in the pictures, we all love chocolate cakes. It was heavenly! I always like to pair my cake with black coffee rather than tea. It kind of unique way that they serve coffee in a English style tea cup :).
The interior of Tokyo Pastry is like an old English style library. They display old books as well. It does not suit my taste, I would prefer the interior is rather simple, bright, natural wood colors that resembles those indie cafes in Tokyo.

However, I don't really bothered by the interior because the companion and the food matters most :). We were there to discuss our upcoming February 2014 trip to Taiwan. It will be very exciting trip, we plan to explore Taipeh city, gastronomy, attend concert (if there are good singer performing in Arena stadium) and end the trip with staying a night at hot spring spa resort. The itinerary is pretty much flexible and rejuvenating. So good to just imagine my next girl friends trip, however let's for now focus on my soon to be family holiday first haha...

Have a visit to Tokyo Pastry if so happen you are in Kota Damansara area and have a good day ahead!

{Girls meeting is only fair when we have fries and iPad to browse a fun places :p}

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