Happy weekend + {travel epiloque}

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hello friends, I am back in town since Wednesday midnight and took extra one day leave yesterday. So only today I am at work and sort of back to normal activities again after a nine days holiday break. 

I have yet to sort out bunch of pictures and will blog about the places that I visited during our holiday in Western Australia (WA). However, here few pictures to conclude our family holiday and what we encountered:
  • This trip was Dania first Winter and long haul flight. She handled it well and I was so proud of her. Good girl.
  • We enjoyed driving in WA as well as did self service payment in most of Coles supermarket.
  • We discovered and stopped at beautiful small towns toward our road drive from Perth up to South West (Augusta)
  • We met few lovely furry friends, hug them, play with them and in the end wanted to bring them home.
  • We witnessed the magnificent of God creation, a place where two oceans meet. 
  • We saw rainbow everyday during our stay in Margaret River 
  • We were generous to ourselves when it comes to dine and drink wine. Happy tummy!
  • Dania was the happiest girl that she encountered so many great playgrounds and parks.
  • We realized that we spent 24 hours for 9 days with each others. First record deal!
And lastly, Fremantle is my most favorite little harbor town during my visit to WA. Happy weekend everyone. Will be back with more story next week.   

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