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Friday, August 2, 2013

Hello August and hello friends and new friends. How are you doing so far? What are you up to? Don't you think that time really flies? With a blink of eyes we went through the half year of 2013.

I always think that August is always a dreading month. A metaphor to describe August;
I am going somewhere but the destination is unseen.
And when I wanted to look back, I realize I've already in the midst of the journey.
The starting point is too far to turn back and I have no choice but  to move forward till I reach the destination of my journey. 
At the moment like this, I feel it is better for me to hibernate till September.
And when September comes.... I hope I could regain my positive vibe and look forward for the promising year ahead.

This August, I think I shall overcome the strong feeling of hibernation :). I'll keep up with my good feeling as much as I can and being inspired is the key to keep moving. Both me and my husband have hectic schedule for the past few weeks. We hardly spend quality time together, I am so looking forward to our upcoming holiday. My family is everything for me, they give me strength in times of difficulty. They are my biggest inspiration.

I have been inspired by music too. I am listening to lots of random ballad and indie music, mostly in Korean or Japanese language, some are from Brit or The Netherlands indie group. Music accentuates my creativity in both working and personal live. I have been thinking since last month for attending Summer Sonic music festival in Tokyo next year, it is the biggest music festival in Japan and It is one in my bucket lists :). This year lineup are awesome, I droll over it, I'm gonna miss it but I hope I won't for next year. Oh by writing this, it makes me happy already!

And I have been in contact with few of my old friends. I truly miss them, we live in separate countries, hardly meets, some are more than 10 years, but they are still close in my heart. Old memory makes me smile, friendship is something that I treasure dearly. They are somehow my source of inspiration.

So yeah.... August, bring it on!

Thank you for reading my little personal thought. Let me share with you one of my fave ballad from one of my most fave singer. At a moment like this, his song give me warm at heart :)

listen/download the audio file here

{Song: I will promise you by 장근석)

Happy weekend! Hope you like the song :). 

{images: unknown, if you know please let me know, so I can put the proper link}

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