Monday tips: Having a Bento workshop

Monday, August 26, 2013

While I am still sorting out my Australia holiday pictures and prepare to write the travel reports, I want to share our Bento workshop that was happening last month during my birthday celebration at home. I often invite my few good friends at home, sometime for a chit chat over coffee and home-baked cakes or for birthdays and festive celebration. 

This time when they want to celebrate my birthday in my house with a small gathering, I suggested that we did some activity rather than only eat and talk. Not that we don't enjoy doing nothing but eat, however I thought learn something new and do it together with my good friend would be more captivating ideas. So we; five of us, agreed to do a Bento workshop. None of us is expert for making a fabulous Bento, you know like those in the books or Japanese blogs, nevertheless, we were enjoying the process very much. Here is some tips of making the not a professional but successful Bento workshop...

Before the workshop: 
We gathered a design ideas through various bento blog and print it out. Everyone has own desired design that they want to do during the workshop. 

We shared the tips and tricks that we learned previously online.

We invested a little bit of equipments, i.e cookie cutter, Ongiri mould, seaweed puncher, etc. We bought them in Daiso, very affordable. I also had some of my craft tools that can be used. We also use cupcake liners for food with gravy.

We discuss on the Bento menu and everyone has a task to cook and later on bring them during the workshop. Most of the food are easy to cook, we had Japanese Hamburger, croquet, mushroom teriyaki, Kim Bab, sausages, hard boiled eggs and boiled veggies (broccoli, carrot).

On the day: 
I converted my dining table into a workshop table. Make sure to have an ample space for everyone to room around during the workshop

Getting ready the tools and the decoration (lettuce, seaweed, cherry tomato, etc) in the middle of the table

Getting ready the Bento box in an individual arrangement. I want it to look like a real workshop kind of setting :).

Cooking the Japanese rice and keep warm in the rice cooker. Because you can't mould the rice when it's too hot nor cold, it has to be warm.

Setting up the atmosphere by playing a Japanese slow song during the workshop.

Cultural insight:
I always believe when we learn a new things, imparting a cultural insight is important. It connects us into our learning subject. So what we did were, we educated our self about why in the first place Bento was created among Japanese culture. And for the fun of it, I also made Kim Bab and explain what is the the different between Kim Bab and Sushi (here is the post), and in the end... everyone learns a new things through having fun making bento :).

Here are some pictures to illustrate... Hope you enjoy them!
- The preparation

 - The process

 The results (some of them)

 - Behind the scene (a chaotic kitchen :p)

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  1. How fun!! I can't pay that much details in bento boxes I make for my kids... I am not a typical Japanese mom, I guess! Your blog has vamped up and looking great! I love the soft colors on this page. It's very you! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. It made me happy.