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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello friends, How are you? Tomorrow is a long holiday in Malaysia. We will have 4 days break for Raya celebration (EID Mubarak). I wish all of my Muslim friends to have a good Raya break with their families and be safe when you travel back home. Traffic will build up in the highway and ease in town.

I am going into a long two weeks break. I need to take down my winter coats, do a major packing that involved toddler stuffs. I have bunch of packing lists that I need to follow. This is the first time that my daughter will go with us to travel to Winter place, so I am not really sure what to expect. I hope she can cope with the cold weather, I prepare vital medicine for emergency case. Thus, I expect all will be good for our Holiday.  I might not be able to write in here for two weeks, but I promise to share many pictures and story from our Western Australia's holiday when I am back.

Meanwhile, I want to share with you four Apps that I love recently. These apps are awesome for me, because I now never been bored anymore when I am driving, waiting or just chilling.

Apps #1 - Line (Chat and voice message)
I am a chat queen, haha... well I have What's Up for working purposes; I, my clients and my colleague often use WA to communicate. And I also use Kakao Talk with my family it's just because they use the apps, so I installed and communicate through Kakao.
But my huge crash is a Line apps. My main purpose to install this apps is to follow my fave artist Official Account (OA), so I am able to always have an update about their activity (OA in line is something like Twitter but it's more casual interface as it's in a chat format), but not a long ago I started using it to chat with my close girl friends. We like it because there are many stickers to use as an emotions. It is just too cute to be missed.

Apps #2 - Line camera
Still belong to the Line Corporation, they also has a camera apps. I installed this because of the cute stamp features. My daughter love it when I use this apps to edit her picture, she said " it is cute, Mommy". Alike Instagram, this apps also has some editing filters.

Apps #3 - 8Tracks Radio
This apps was introduced by my good friend and since I installed this apps, I discovered so many new songs, especially from Indie singer/group. I also build up my fave mixes Korean songs. This is a great apps on the go. Whenever I am idle or driving, I will listen to 8tracks. They have many different compilation for many different occasion. Even though they called this apps a radio, but for me it is like a playlist social media by its own. Users are generously share their fave playlists that we could now enjoy. Soon I will share mine too. They also has a desktop version. Big love, Great apps!

Apps #4 - Tunein Radio
It is also an online streaming radio, unlike 8tracks - Tunein is an avenue of radio station lists. I use this apps for more serious stuffs. If I want to listen to some talks or listening to the 80's /classic musics, then I will tune in into Tunein. I guess the audience of this apps are more mature audience too.

 The apps could be used for IOS and Androids. Have fun with them!

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