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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hello friends. It has been a week I did not write in my blog, old same story,  my works is occupied me most of the time. Not that I am complaining as work is always been so inspiring and great, however I am trying to strive more of work-life balance, so one thing needs to be sacrifice to balance the others and unfortunately my blog has to be the victim. But today I am on a writing mood, instead of having my usual Wednesday Picks I just feel want to write random things :), in fact I am in the very joyful and positive mood, nothing in particular influences me, but don't you think it is always the best moments when you having a positive mood and nothing else matters?

Yesterday was a long day for me, I drove to airport at 5am to catch my flight to Penang for a meeting and flew back before 5pm so that I could pick my daughter from her school. It was an exhausted day, I thought I wanted to rest and had an early sleep in the evening, but it is not always the case. Remember the work-life balance that I mentioned previously? yes, I still need to spend my time with my daughter, she has been looking forward to play 'little Pony' hair brushing session with me. So we had about an hour play date then I substituted my self with iPad. I have to admit I am not always be a good mom by substituting my self with a piece of interactive tablet, but honestly it helps a lot in times I need to do my house chores. If my husband come home earlier, he will spend times with my little ones while I am preparing dinner or do house chores, however, lately, his new work occupied him till late nights. We are both a very hard working people, it is in our blood, but we are both agreed that we shall love what we do, only that we could accomplish for the best :).

In the contrary, as much as I love my job, I have been thinking to slow down a bit. September is halfway to the year -end, and it will be fast approaching, I normally start making plan for next year around -er months (means Sept'er, Oct'er, Nov'er Dec'er..lol). I am considering my self to  teach full time. I love teaching and I do it part time for now, it only be feasible for my immediate career movement if I could do it full time. Teaching will not pay me as well as what I am earning currently, however, it will compensate me with more time spending with my family especially my daughter. I want to spend as much as possible with her before she could say ' mommy I prefer hangout with my friends... or worst with my boy friend'. It drives me nuts every time I think about that moments. I am a paranoid mom...This is one of a random thought that become a priority, recently.

Beside that, the best thing about teaching, I am always surrounded by young- spirited bunch of peeps. I love my students, they like me too, well I am pretty sure they are hehe... I have more students in my class this semester, this is my second time teaching 'Technology in education'. I told the registration lady that I would prefer smaller class, not more than 25 students so I could pay attention each and everyone, but I has been told some students insisted to re-take the subject because it's taught by me, they want to learn from me. Either it is true or not but I feel very honored to hear it :). My students could contact me through class Twitter that I set up for 24 hours, I may not response immediately, but I try to respond all quarries as soon as possible and give them sense of security that I always be there whenever they need help.

In the not so happy notes, my neighbor committed suicide last Saturday. Well, I live in condo with thousand of neighbors, he is from the other block, but technically he is still my neighbor, because we stay in the same gated area and use the same common facilities. I got to know that he jumped down from his 6th floor balcony. This is the second time someone jumped from a balcony in my condo and both were ended dead. I really puzzled and without belittle the deceased but why have to end the life so tragically? I prefer to stay in the highrise building because it has less mosquito, not for a convenience to jump when we feel life is sucks! I have a down moment in life but I never in the position I have no choice, I always believe we make our own choices even though life is bloody hard sometime, but God will not give what you couldn't take!

In the lighter side to end my random update, I had a hair cut, a short one, it has been ages I  haven't have a short hair cut, those boyish looks, I feel my head is so much lighter now...lol. 
I was inspired by this style and I went to Korean hair saloon, with my broken Korean I tried to convey the message and it end up like this. I guess I kinda like it :).
I also work a lot during last weekend, preparing for my class. I listened this compilation from 8tracks. if you are k-pop lover, this will be a good tracks for you when you are so happen need to do some work in the computer. 

Have a good day peeps. I will write on Friday, I sorta promise my self :0...

{images are taken from Botanic Garden Kings Park, WA during my visit}

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