Monday Travel post: Cape Leeuwin - Augusta {#3 WA travel series}

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello friends. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Yesterday, I went to Escape Room with my few friends to play the game. It is a game from Japan, where there are few theme room that we can choose, we are then locked in the room, in order to escape we need to solve the riddle. In the end we were a loser team because we thought too complicated to solve the riddle, the answers were just pretty straight forward. It was fun though hehe.

I had been busy as usual since my last post in here. I work very hard and there are times I mostly do my reading and research at night for my class preparation. I had known few new friends with the same interest lately, I am so happy to connect with them. I feel inspired :). How about you? anything new?

Today I want to continue to write my WA travel series. I wrote the #1 and #2 previously. We visited an amazing place of God creation (in my personal opinion) where the two oceans meets and I truly had a bad hair day at the place. Well, the Winter wind is just unforgivable for my hair, my hair literally tangle and need about half an hour to entangled them. Btw, it is not about my hair that I want to share here, but about the amazing view in Cape Leeuwin lighthouse that we visited. We drove up from Margaret River to a small cozy town calls Augusta, the journey from Augusta continues about 20 minutes before we reached the cape. You won't miss the cape, because the uphill road is end up there. We, tourist have two choices of route, we can choose the scenic view or a normal drive road. We chose the last one, I am a chicken, I scared with those narrow scenic view road and begun imagining that our car will fly to the ocean from the uphill road. However, I am sure if you dare, the scenic road will definitely worth to explore.

We did not go up to the top of the lighthouse, there is additional fee applied for going up, but again I did not go up because I scare of height, in fact I scare of a lot of things hehe... I am not an adventurous person. The sea waves where the two ocean meets is very big and rough, in fact any ships will not survive over there. It is a bizarre view for me, but it was a very nice warm Winter when we visited, so we spent a little bit longer to enjoy the ocean scenery. Here are some pictures to describe the place.

Cape Leeuwin cafe located inside the lighthouse area and it is award winning cafe. Guests can choose to sit in semi alfresco (with the big windows cover the space from the wild wind) and gaze into the ocean horizon. Again, the view is magnificent. 

We were at Cape Leeuwin about two hours then we drove around Augusta town for a while before we heading Perth for almost 4 hours journey. The next post I will share about my favorite suburb place in Perth area. Take care everyone, talk soon :)

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