Monday Travel post : The Happy Wife cafe - Bunbury {#1 WA travel series}

Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello friends. After my nine days holiday, catching up with my works are making me so occupied. Today is the second day of September, time flies, and I managed to survive my miserable August. It might I was on Holiday almost half of the month hehe. September till end of the year will be a busier month for me. I start my night class teaching tomorrow night. Event though this is my second time I teach the same subject but there are plenty of material to be updated. I am teaching Technology in Education for undergraduate education students, When teaching about technology, I have to keep up with the trends.

In a busy time like this, I suddenly remember about one small town that I visited during my recent holiday in Western Australia (WA). The good thing about self drive holiday is our time become very flexible and we are able to see or sometime stop and visit small towns during the destination journey. We visited Bunbury town when we drove from Mandurah to Margaret River. We did not plan to actually visit Bunbury, but it was a milk time for my daughter and it was about lunch time too. The hotel receptionist in Mandurah told us that Bunbury has a beautiful lake view that we can enjoy, so why not!

We stopped our car in front of the lake, stretched our legs and enjoyed the lake view while my daughter was having her milk. Life seem so peaceful in a surrounding, I really embraced that moment and took a deep breath to inhale a crisp air. On the other side, I browsed the TripAdvisor app that I installed on my phone, I found one of the recommended eating place in Bunbury where nears the lake. It calls The Happy Wife, I read the good reviews about the cafe and I thought it worth to pay a visit for a light lunch. And It is really worth to visit!

The Happy Wife served home-baked and home-cooked styles of foods. My rhubarb cake was heavenly. My husband's croissant was so fresh and the sauce... yes the sauce is really something special. This is the first time we actually taste an onion caramelized with honey sauce. The savory taste of Croissant make the taste really blend well with the sweetness of honey onion. 

The cafe is rather small but very cozy. The backyard of the cafe is facing the Bunbury lake, beautiful view. However, it still Winter when we visited so everyone rather stayed inside while was enjoying their meal. 

During our self drive holiday in WA, I often used TripAdvisor app to help me find a good place to dine. We did not really have exact plan during the trip and it was actually adding so much fun into it. We found surprises in between, especially when comes into exploring dining places.  That's all for now :) Happy Monday, peeps!

I will continue to write a random post about my WA holiday instead of per itinerary, and in the end of the WA travel series, I will list down the tips and the suggested itinerary.

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