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Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello friends. I went to a company adventure trip last weekend and until today certain part of my body are still aching. It is a good feeling of ache though. I enjoyed the white water rafting very much, I always love water sport. The jungle tracking was an easy walk to me, but I gave up on caving when I entered the first 50m. I suddenly couldn't breathe and I knew I would hyperventilate if I continue the journey. I always have a phobia for a confined place but I thought the cave wasn't that small, muddy and dark, I was wrong about it. So while I waited the rest of the team continue the two hours journey, I jogged at nearby the cave, then I was chased by a stray dog. I was ok, but what an experience :).

Today at my WA travel series, I am sharing about our farm stay in Sunflower - Margaret River. We love our stay there and it was our first experience staying in the farm. We rented a self contained unit that accommodate for 7 people, it is only 3 of us, so we had a very spacious unit. The kitchen is fully equipped, sufficient to make a simple breakfast and dinner. Our unit face a beautiful green valley, in the morning there are grazing cattle and once in a while we can see the wild kangaroos hop around too. We always had breakfast in the veranda only to enjoy the view and play with the owner Collies. The Winter breeze is forgiving in the morning but not in the evening, so we tried to have an early dinner if we wanted to have it in verandah. Wine is so cheap in Margaret River, we didn't visit winery event though there are plenty. We usually went to the downtown, shopped in Coles to buy our cooking ingredient and few bottle of wines. There are many cozy ambiance restaurants in the downtown but we opted to just stay in the farm and cook our own meals.

There are many farm animals that children can see and several activities too, such as; baby animals milk feeding, animals feeding, tractor riding, marshmallow grilling, etc. However Australia has a wet Winter, so the raining often come and go in a minutes, thus, some activities were omitted. Whenever rains came, we normally spent our time in our unit watching DVD that we rented and waited for the rainbow to appear. It was almost everyday we were able to see beautiful rainbow in front of our unit.

At night, my daughter sleep quite early, rarely happen when we are at home haha... so pleased. I read a lot at night, listened to my playlist and drunk wine to keep warm while my husband was watching the horror DVD that we rented. I shared one of my fave song to listen while I was there, it just perfect for that kind of atmosphere. You can download it :).

This week is a busy week, I have few outstation working trip coming along too. In the moment like a busy bee, I suddenly miss my short stay in the farm, where I can just do nothing but relaxing to enjoy the time goes by.  

Happy Monday, everyone!

Song to download: Click Here.  Hope you like it :) 

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