Monday Travel post: The historic port of Fremantle {#4 WA travel series}

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello friends, I am back to continue with my WA Travel series. So sorry for the very long overdue post. I thought I will be able to at least drop by once to blog, however last week was a roller coaster week. I had a car accident, nothing serious, noone got injured, it just wasn't nice settlement with the person who hit my car from behind while my car was actually stopped in the red traffic light. He did not want to responssible with what he did and run away. Also, beginning of last week, my MAC Pro  was spoilt, the monitor was in major pain, I can only see abstract images. I just got my MAC book air today from my company and it is pain in the neck to retrieve and safe my file as much as possible of using third party software. So I really hope this week will be a better week :).

Today, my WA Travel series is about my most fave place in Perth suburbs, the historic port of Frementale, or most locals call it Freo. I actually still have few places that we visited outside Perth to blog to, however, to boast my day, I flipped through my iPhoto album and I thought I want to share about Freo before others places. 

We only spent a day in Freo as tourist, we will be back to Perth next July 2014 for our first entry of our Provisional visa, so Freo will be the first in the list, I hope I can explore the charms of the city and to minggle with the locals. Freo remind me of a place that I visited in year 2012, a small town in Germany calls Heidleberg. I probably love it because it is so European and laid back feel. There are few small lanes with various dining places and small shops that worth to explore. We purposely went on Saturday, it is when the famous Fremantle market opens for selling their fresh products and local or international delicasies. I really love the market, it really worth to explore, children can get entertained too. There are few attraction for children,such as face painting, pat the baby animal, etc.

Freo also has a beautiful port. It was Winter when we visited so it was chilled to sit in the alfresco when we had our fresh seafood lunch in Cicerellos and we also had to be in our guard toward the Seaguls whom anytime can steal our foods haha...
I personally don't really profound about the restaurant, even though it is really famous for both locals and tourists, I prefer to have a good meal in a less crowded restaurant, but it was alright for a first timer who want to have fresh seafood and decent fish and chips.

There is a big park and a lovely children playgound across the port. After our lunch in Cicerello's, we spent an hour and so in the park. Our daughter loved it, we took Ferris wheel ride and enjoy the entire port view from above. Then she continued with taking her first trampoline ride and explored the rest of the playground. She definitely loves Freo too :).
Freo also has many small cafe's along the street near the market. Me and Hubby, both are coffee drinker, and it was so lovely to know that one of a random cafe where we had our afternoon coffee is actually serves babyccino (cappuccino kid version - milk, chocolate and marshmellow) for free. Our daughter was so excited to have one for the first time. There were actually many things she tried and did for the first time in Freo :).

On the side note: By law we can live and work in Western Australia legally since September 2013. We are still contemplating wheather we shall pack and move to there. For me, It is not so simple to just move out from the country that serve me well for 8 years and for my husband it is a heavy baggage to leave his home country. I am a dreamer, sometime whenever I am thinking about Freo I will instanly said to my self, let's move :).
We'll see... I will update about it here.... meanwhile have a great day!

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  1. How wonderful you're traveling around in Perth! Lovely photos. I am sorry to hear about your car accident. I am glad you were not injured. That's scary, though!!