Random midweek thought : How BOLD are you?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Welcome to the new week, it is approaching very fast and my last post was last Monday. I should have a nick name at here, Omia (Often missing in action)... shame on me!

It is really not intentionally, I wish blogging is part of my full time job, I will do it diligently. However work is treating me good, so I should not complain. I am particularly in the very good mood today, so I thought it would be good to write today and who knows I can somehow could cheer you up.... hope you are all also in the good mood. We shall embrace our happy moment, right?

This morning, I stumble upon a quote posted by someone that I follow on Instagram, here it says;

 " Be your self and be someone who can bring out the best of others"  

Cr. Bonnietsang

I am absolutely agree with it. And it got me thinking, how bold I am, to be my self, to bring out the best of others? How far I can push for it? being our self is not always an easy thing to embrace, there are circumstances that we sometime require to hold back being who we are. Don't you agree? Well, I am still learning to get used to be bolder to be who I am. I can say it feel so much better by doing so. Only in my mid 30s, I finally able to figure out what is my passion and have a clear direction what I want to do and strongly push for it. And I believe there are so much more that I could do ahead... only thinking about it makes me so excited :).

My husband once told me, when you give, give wholeheartedly otherwise don't give. I am so happy I marry him..hahaha. I mean, seriously this is a wise words that I hold it dearly. As an educators my self, I am truly happy to see my learners learn, I truly happy if they could do much better than me. It is also an achievement for me, to see them unleash their potential. I do hope God use my talent to continue to bring out the best of others. Only think about it makes me smiles :).

Have a great day my friends, I will not be here till next week. Meanwhile I want to share one song that never fails me to make me happy - Lovely Day :).

{Cr. Image unknown}

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