Wednesday Picks : Leopard prints

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hello, since I am so in the mood of blogging this few days, I am sorta of bring back the Wednesday Picks series that I abandoned for a while :). Also I tried to find a sophisticated way to introduce someone that so admirable. I am a huge fans of him, however, I never blog nor talk about him in here as my readers and blogging friends are different with my eels' friend (eel = how he called his fans).

But today, when I browse through my Pinterest board - where I collect my visual inspiration, my style choices are lately inspired by him So I thought may as well I mentioned a little bit about my liking of him and his style. I knew that Leopard prints are so in demand last year, and they make their come back this Fall 2013. I never really follow any trends anyway, I just wear whatever that it feels right for me. In a few occasion I wear my leopard dress pairs with gold accessories. I feel want to add more leopard element in my wardrobe, but at this moment I am in a tight budget, so let me just create the moodboard while I am saving to see him in person first, before I splurge into expensive stuffs :). 

On the site note about him: I always enjoy k-pop culture. Their dramas are entertaining, some of singers are very good, and K-artist are very attractive. But him, I just love him inside/out :) Go find out who is he .... unless you are Eels, I do not need to say a words :).

Happy Wednesday!


JKS pic @Weibo
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