Crash thought: Stop being afraid of being happy

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hello friends. I am in the mood of writing my thought here, and I guess it is a good thing, otherwise this blog will really become hiatus, I am happy when I saw my stats still in decent visitor numbers. Even though my intention of writing my blog is not merely attract readers however it is still pleasant that people are actually care and read about what I wrote, therefore your support is really matter to me, it is an encouragement to continue blogging. 

I have a conversation with my friend cum my financial advisor few days ago over lunch time. Not that I have tons of money, shares or properties to manage with, but she is really someone that I trust to manage my finance to have more productive results. It is ironic for me being accountant for 10 years need someone to manage my own finance, this was why one of the reason the job did not suit me well, after a 10 years of agony I finanly found something that I passionate about. Never been too late to get out from something that you really dislike, huh?

I told her that money is never been in my first priority to seek after, but she pointed something that got me thinking, she said it just because money is never been an issue for me, therefore I can say so, but how about those who always in financial difficulty and struggle in daily life, don't you think money is becoming their first priority for survival. Well, it is an absurd subject to discuss and I am not a qualified life coaching to preach about this. Of course I always wish everybody has a happy, comfortable and hassle free life, but it is impossible unless we are dead and we got our place in heaven. 

But what I strongly belive, preach and practice, we should not be afraid of being happy. Often we tried so hard to make others happy then we neglected ours. I always put my family as my top priority, for me they are everything. I tried very hard to be both as a good mother and wife, I used to be feel very guilty when I do things that I love or spend on something that I like by my self and without them being able to enjoy it. But lately, I also learn to be kind to my self. I told my self, it is ok for being happy and I have no obligation to always explain or responsible to anyone about it. Don't you think so? Something that you might want to think further :).

In the lighter note, I want to share simple things that recently makes me happy.

1. My girlfriends.
People said daughter and sister is the best gift from God. But girlfriends who sticks with you in any situation is equaly the best thing that you ever had :). Through working colleague, idol's group, childhood friends I got to know so many nice persons that their friendship I cheerished forever. I am so happy that nowadays I spend with them more often. I am blessed that I have a husband who support me and willing to take care of my daughter when I want to spend some quality times with my girlfriends. 

2.  My coffee maker and my chocolate cake's recipe exploration.
I finally had a decent coffee maker, again, thanks to my hubby who bought for me. Not the expensive one that can do magic by making various style of coffee. Mine is just the simple one, but still it is more decent than an instant coffee sachet. Big love! In the same time, it makes me want to bake a chocolate cakes to compliment a good coffee, still can't master it, sometime it's too sweet, sometime it's too dense. But the smell of the good cocoa from my oven is simply heaven, brings happiness for my nostril.

3. Morning rain.
I love rain, I used to dislike it, but my hubby thought me how to appreciate rain. He loves rain and his mood tent to be mellow when it rains, so we cuddle a lot during rains :). My fave moments is when I peep the morning rain from my curtain and see the raindrop sticking on my window. I feel at peace. Lately it rains a lot in the morning, we don't have autumn in Malaysia, but it likes ones when it rains. It makes me happy. I have two fave songs about rain. Here are I share with you. I love the singer and he kinda of making me love rain more...

- Rain
- Love rain

And to conclude my thoughts, I guess happiness is comes from within, money somehow will just manage to cushion certainty but not happiness. So be kind to your self, be happy... I will write again sometimes next week...hugss

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  1. Wonderful thoughts that open up my heart and mind to appreciate and stay happy of my current blissful life. Really love your write up :) Rain will never be the same to me too especially when I am listening to the song Rain.