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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hello everyone, I am writing my travel series on Wednesday, I usually do it on Monday, but I break the rule that I set for my self a lil bit hehe... yesterday was a public holiday and I will be busy for the rest of the week, so I thought writing travel post can be somehow rejuvenating. 

In the busy moment like this and sometime I need to bring my work back home, I feel most of the time I neglect my daughter. She stays in daycare after school and I only pick her in the evening, so when she is at home of course she will be longing for my attention. When I do my work in the evening, often I ignore her, I am a super guilty mother when I wrote this post..sigh. 

This travel post is a good memory on how we spent one of a quality Sunday as a family. It was a warm Winter in the middle of August this year when we visited Perth. We did not have much itinerary when we arrived in Perth from Margaret River. In Perth, we stayed at our dear friend's house, after Sunday service in the church, we had lunch in one of the Vietnamese restaurant located in Northbridge. I personally like to dine in Northbridge because there are many variety of Asian foods. I understand that Perth doesn't have specifically China town area, however, they consider Northbridge as a part of China town. I did not take picture of the surrounding though. Then we strolled toward James st. to the square just near the Western Australia museum and art center (I don't know the exact name of the area) and spent the entire Sunday at there. 

I love to visit museum but unfortunetally we did not go in, the next time we come back to Perth I would like to spend more time to linger in the museum. The children playground that located just beside the museum is awesome, the kids got to explore few natural music instrument. We were adult enjoyed live performance in the amphitheatre too. I saw the museum and art centre alfresco cafe are pretty cozy too, I would love to just have my coffee and muffin and watch the world goes by...yeah next time!

My daughter Dania, I think she had the most fun , as always hehe. This is her first time line up in the ice cream truck, playing endlessly in the common park and also climbing tree.

This picture is my fave. I took candidly when we spent an afternoon together with Lam family (where we stayed with in Perth) after lunch. I just can't get enough with the laid back life style, I love it. I miss this moment whenever the hectic live I face in KL.

Alright friends, I won't be able to write till next week. See you around... have a good day ahead!

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  1. Perth looks so beautiful! I would love to see the laid back life style with my own eyes, too! Maybe someday!