Kicking off the Christmas spirit

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hello friends. How are you lately? Thank you for still visiting this humble space. I miss you and I miss to write here. Work never been less busier, but it always fulfiling. This week, I also occupied with marking my students assignment, followed by final exam papers. However, Christmas spirit started to kick off. I have done putting up our tiny Christmas tree, I lost the whole box of my Christmas ornaments. I have been looking around but I barely remember where I put them and why it mysteriously missing. Not that my house is big till it really can't find, oh well.... the searching still continues.

I do not do any special Christmas series like last year. I am sorry for the lack of Christmas spirit in this blog, but I will try to share some inspiration and may be recipes in this few weeks before Christmas. I did not put as many decoration as last year too, however, I am still trying my best to have a cosy Christmas spirit at home. My daughter at least had fun by doing this DIY cupcake wall decal last week and I also have done wrapping some presents, I am still waiting remaining present that I ordered online. I hope it will arrive before Christmas as it planned.

We will have Christmas BBQ party in our pool deck, this time my good friend from Indonesia will be staying and spending time with us. I never done any BBQ party before, so much to learn how to prepare. I just learned that there are so many types of charcoal, I thought all look the same to me. I've been reading Jamie Oliver book on how to prepare BBQ party, haha... it sounds appealing to me. 

Meanwhile here are some Christmas pins inspiration. Thank you for the almost 600 followers in my Pinterets account, I appreciate it a lot, I will keep sharing visual inpsirations with you. Click here for more.

Write to you soon....


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  1. Such lovely picks Fenny! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)