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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hello friends, I am on leave today so I made time to write here. My Christmas shopping mood starts, however I have to hold my desire to keep in on budget. I have so many commitment for the next few months, so I have to be careful in my spending. 

I was lingering in Publika this morning while I was waiting for my daughter class and I found Le French wrap opposite of BIG's grocer. It is worth to try and share, so I post it here. As you know I once in a while write about my local findings of food and places in Kuala Lumpur. You can find the entire posts category at here

I am not really sure if Le French wrap has been around for sometime in town or not, but I have been trying few crepe stalls and I haven't find crepe that has a delicate taste, not the filling but the crepe wrap it self. Le French is certainly has those quality as a crepe, the dough is different, it is not soggy even though I ate it a bit later when it's cooling. I ordered the breakfast set as it was still breakfast time when I was there this morning. The savory filling that I choose was rather simple, just lettuce, hard boiled eggs and cucumber with aioli garlic. Again the aioli garlic proportion is just right, up into my liking. I love garlic but not too strong. The plus point, their house blend coffee is nice too :). 

I will definitely come back to try another menu.

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