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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hello friends...

Yesterday I took some pictures of my living room because I am in the mood to redecorate them, so I thought I want to share with you. Books are always the vocal point at my home, I have small study room that also serves as a small library or more like a storage place for my books. However, the shelves can't sustain my growing collection of books, so I decided to display my book in my living room and be part of decoration as well.

I love to buy cooking book, Jamie Oliver is my fave author and chef, I have almost all of his books, his recipes is really easy, especially for novice person like me. Beside Jamie, I also like Gordon Ramsey and Nigela. Those books are rotating display, means when I am in the mood to read Jamie 15 minutes meal then the book will be displayed on top of my side table beside my reading sofa. Those book that I rarely re-read or just enough to read one, I store them in the display cupboard together with souvenirs that I bought throughout my trips.

Stacking books is also an interesting way to display picture frames or small decorations. I love to play with the proportion and composition. I normally group them under the same categories, for example motivational books, cooking books, decoration books or old books that I inherited from my father in law are displayed accordingly, it also easier for me to find them when I need them. My father in law loves books too, those old books and several old bibles that he gave to me are precious. I will one day pass them to my daughter. She developed her interest of books in a very early years, she is now 3 and she love to read, she understand a simple children books with enormous pictures.

Beside books I also collect magazine, but my husband kept complaining for my magazine hoarder habit, so I throwed most of them, only those decorating magazine or magazine that I bought overseas stays. I did not take a picture of my magazine collection, I used to put them as part of a display but recently I just keep it in the shelf. This image is a creative way of displaying magazines, I might want to do it one day.

I have a bad habit when I read a book, I can't read one book for a long time, so I read several books in the same time. Means I rotate them everyday depend on my mood. Currently these are few good books that I read:

- Habibie and Ainun by B.J Habibie
(in Bahasa Indonesia, an unconditional love story of  Indonesia former President)

- How to be a domestic goddes by Nigela Lawson (in English, baking book, a sugar overload recipe)

- Jamie's food revolution by Jamie Oliver (in English, tons of simple recipes worth to try)

- Limitless life by Nick Vujicic (in English, a daily devotions, for those who has no time to read bible..wink)

- Walking in children shoes by Dr. Tien Sheng Hsu (Originaly in Chinese, a parental guide, this is a gift from my friend, my version is in English as I don't undertand Chinese)

" Young cat, if you keep your eyes open enough, oh, the stuff you would learn! 
The most wonderful stuff" - Dr. Seuss

And we both, me and my daughter love Dr. Seuss, he is a brilliant author for children books.

Will write here again next week. Hugss...

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