2014: What a fun year to start with!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hello friends, since my post before year end, I thought  I could blog more, however work commitment in the first week of January 2014 is madness, but I am happy with the madness, I feel my positive energy is flaring out after a well deserved break during Christmas and New Year in 2013. 

I have so much things that I wanted to do for a first quarter of the year, it really nothing to do with new year resolution as I do not have one, it  just things that unfinished and I wanted to continue. I am inspired with Holly's post about 'Resolve to be happy' where she talked about Inspiring  vs Invigorating. It goes beyond simply to inspire, It times to take inspiration into action, with fresh energy, with confident and with no regret. I am invigorated :). 

I have few things line up to share in this blog,unfortunetally it has to wait until I return from Osaka. I am taking a lunch break to just type a short note at here, after that I am going to go for my next appointment and finally I will fly to Osaka tonight. This trip is a very exciting trip, this trip is about something that I never expected I could do or I would do before, my first time. I am about to continue to live life in the fullest. I am blessed for this opportunity.

Alright, I really have to go. I will talk and share more about my trip when I am return, and just a little reminder for always have a good fun in your life. No matter what life takes you, there is always blessing in disguise. xoxo.

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