Eggs 'n Things - {My heart wanders in Osaka - Mini series #2}

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

*This post is post #2 of 'My heart wanders in Osaka' mini series

It was the second day when we wandered for a breakfast place. We walked along the small lane of Ame Mura area where our hotel located. Ame Mura is a place that famous among expatriate living in Osaka, there are few Western fashion brands, bars and cafes. In this small lane (picture below) where we first found Eggs n' Things - established in Hawaii since 1974, we entered with a smiling hearts.

When we entered the cafe, I immediately could smell the  houseblend coffee. The smell was so invigorating, my favourite smell in the morning beside my daughter is a coffee smell :). The cafe is cozy with oak color furnitures, there are many tables occupied, people seem enjoy their breakfast very well, I thought this is really a good place to start my day.

The cafe's speciality is anything with eggs (the name says it all hehe). Each of us ordered omelette with toast. I have ham, cheese and tomato omelette, it was a perfect texture, not too dry,  I love it.
We shared starwberry pancake, it was so yummy. They are so generous with whipped cream (the picture is the proof), we love our pancake with coconut syrup. That was my first time having pancake with coconut syrup, the taste is so rich yet not too sweet. Indeed, a very well combination.

The price of our breakfast is a bit steep, in fact our second day breakfast was the most expensive bill that we paid during our entire trip heheh... It equals to RM200, we could have a proper dinner in the decent restaurant for 4 people in KL.

However, we were on holiday, so these are our happy face :)

My heart wanders in Osaka #1

Eggs 'n Things 
大阪市中央区西心斎橋2-10-2 CriceNikko西心斎橋1階
(Google translate: West Central District Osaka Shinsaibashi Shinsaibashi 2-10-2 CriceNikko -
 West 1st )

Photo cr. Le Lamb (last image).

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