Merimekko - {My heart wanders in Osaka - Mini series #1}

Monday, January 20, 2014

* This post is post #1 of 'My heart wanders in Osaka' mini series

When I was in Osaka, four of us (me and my girl friends) decided to do a footage of our idol. We had two days wandering the city. We had a map in our hand and we got lost too. It was an awesome experience. Due to my personal interest of indie shops, cafe and zakka, during the journey, I was able to encounter plenty of them in the unexpected areas. This is the advantages when you decided to wander and let your heart guide you.... For that, I also decided to make a mini series for other places that I encounter during the main footage.

While we were walking, my girl friends decided to stop in the Shrine and had a prayer. While I was waiting for them to pray,  I wandered on the quiet road behind the Shrine.

Here is the quiet road behind the Shrine. 

And where I also found Merimekko concept store. I have been a fans of Merimekko pattern quite sometime. I did not go to inside  the shop for shopping due to time constraint, I just did a window shopping. It was a pleasure surprise to see that they already display the Spring 2014 product. It like seeing a happy color amongst the grey Winter in Osaka.

Here are some of my fave products from Merimekko.

Till the next " Wandering journey".... please join me :)

{Image credit: first two Images- LeLamb, 3rd image - mine, products image - Merimekko site}

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