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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hello friends. I am back from my Osaka trip, as promised in the earlier post that I will share some of my photo trips, I will. Please bear with me. I am sorting them out and will create few different posts. I found few interesting places that I think it worth to share with all of you. I am sure it will be a useful guidance when you ever visit Osaka.

But today, let's talk about taking a break. I hope you won't cringe your forehead, what are you talking about Fenny, you just took a break and had a blast of your Osaka trip... a break again? how many break are you planning to have? lol... plenty. 

Well, it sort of blessing in disguise that suddenly I came out about this topic. After I came back from my Osaka trip, I had to prepare for my conference, follow by the company family day which I was the project manager, then I have to also prepare for my teaching . Life is back to be in a rush hours like usual and I get used to it as that my daily routine.

Then, It happens... I got really sick from massive allergic since Friday. Doctor perscribed me with a drowsy antihistamne that allowed me to have a complete rest. At first, I against the idea of having a drowsy medicine and I will spend my weekend by too much sleeping. In my mind, I still have few pending works during weekend, I still need to do house chores, etc. But this darn massive itchiness makes me become a monkey-like and feel extremely uncomfortable. So in the end, I agreed with the option. I was spending my two days nothing but sleeping and completely relaxing on my couch . After all, it is really not a bad idea at all.

What I mean by not a bad idea at all by having a complete rest, how many of us actually switch off our mind in our breaking time? Do you actually rest your mind and recharge your bandwich when you having a break? if not, then what is an actual breaking time means for you? This is the question that normally not easy to have the answer, or at least for me. I always thinking I am not efficient when I start doing nothing, there are a guilty feeling toward this ' doing nothing' attitude. 

However, today as I write this post, I think back about these past two days, when I stopped and observed, the world surround me is actually pretty amazing. In my view from the couch, I was observing my daughter played happily with her daddy, I was observing how my husband helped me do some house chores when I am unwell, I was having a girl chat with my girlfriends once in a while in my phone. Those little things that I think is pretty normal in the daily basis is actually pretty precious when you stop and observe and I am thanful for it.

Also, I recently follow Mizuki-san instagram. She is an amazing in her photography skills that she is able to capture simple objects yet still beautiful. I love her shoes picture taking collection. How many of us actually stop and take picture of the ground scenery? I think I almost never done that, when I took picture, I always look up, I forgot to look down. Now that I am thinking about STOP  and LOOK AROUND, I also will learn to LOOK DOWN, after all we can find beautiful things at there too...the lesson in this post is appreciate a little things that someday it could make a big impact in our life...

Have a blessed Sunday!  

{Image credit: Mizuki @aosora instagram account}

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  1. Beautiful write up that simply remind us not to take things around us for granted.