Orange street - {My heart wanders in Osaka - mini series #3}

Monday, February 17, 2014

*This post is a last post of 'My heart wanders in Osaka' mini series

Hello friends, how is your weekend? I spent my weekend by working on some pending works. This coming Wednesday I am going to fly to Taipei and I will have holiday break for 5 days wandering the city. Therefore, I thought of writing my last Osaka mini series, so I can start writing about Taipei when I am back.

Alright to continue, our journey wandering Osaka city,  If I counted, we walked about 10km in a day from morning to night with a few break in between. The wandering activity is actually still part of our idol footage as mentioned in my first post. After our lunch we went to Orange street (Tachibana Touri), where we can find fashionable boutique, cafe and other stores. We wanted to check his favourite hat shop. Actually,  Orange street is relatively a short street but has many interasting lifestyle shops that I admire.

After we wandered in Tachibana, we continued our walking journey to go to Hommachi area for having dinner in a reccomended tepanyaki restaurant, in the map the place looks near, the reality is a bit of distance :). We passed this beautiful street to take a look of bicycle shop, if not mistaken it calls Amagasaki area. It is like a CBD of Osaka, where multinational company offices and high brand flagship boutiques are located. Then we saw three color of heart gates in Epson building, each color reprents different feeling, we had fun to pass those gates :).

Finally we found the restaurant address in Hommachi area after about an hour plus of walking, it is located in the narrower street and again I could enterntain my eyes with cute shops along the street. Those random cute shops in Osaka are seriously never failed to amazed me.

After early dinner, we took taxi to go back to Zepp Namba to wave good bye to our idol and that was also my last night in Osaka. A very sweet memories that I cherished. And now, it get me think that I might want to write about my idol footage too. I normally do not share my idol worshiping activity in my blog, but the places that we visited is worth to mention. I will blog again after my trip from Taipei. Bye now.

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