Kimbab wrap in white Kimchi {cooking for one #6}

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hello friends, it has been a while I have not share 'cooking for one recipe'.  I bought Love Recipe book by Jang Keun Suk from my Osaka trip. The pictures are so beautiful, of course the chef- him self is really a beautiful man hehe. Most of the recipes are very easy to make, some of the recipes are inherited from Jang Keun Suk's mom. Don't you think all mom secret recipes are very precious? sure it is!

It has been a while I want to make Kimbab wrapped in white Kimchi, I never tried white Kimchi before, therefore I am pretty curious about the taste and texture. Finding a white kimchi in local Korean mart is not that easy. They seldom sell this type apart of the red Kimchi, so last weekend when I finally saw them, I quickly bought it. The taste has distinguished different from red Kimchi, it tastes non spicy and sourish, like a pickle kind of refreshing taste. The recipe suggested to make burdock pickle from the scratch, but I opted to buy ready made one. It is very convenience as most of Korean mart sell ready-made burdock pickle for kimbab. So I suggest you can do the same thing when you want to try this recipe :).

Here is the composition (Picture below). Wrapping over a white Kimchi on top of the Kimbab can be a messy process. You could check this post that I shared on how I cheat to roll my Kimbab, it is much more easier to do so :). Also, I always like to make Kimbab when I am alone at home, as one roll of my mold is just nice for my portion. 

All of the recipes are in Japanese words, I am so blessed I have a dear friend who are willing to translate whatever recipe that I want to try from the book (thanks to my dear, Nako). I modify the ingredient a little bit without invented a totally new recipe.

Japanese rice (short grain rice)
Seaweed for Kimbab (Nori)
White Kimchi
Burdock pickle for kimbab
Sesame oil
Organic soy sauce 
Sesame seed
Spring onion (optional)

1. Cook the rice, then mix the warm cooked rice (not hot rice), sesame oil, soy sauce and sesame seed. Adjust the taste and texture accordingly, not too sticky.

2. Mold the rice into kimbab mold, fill in few sticks of burdock pickles in the middle and roll with Nori.

3. Wrap with white Kimchi.

4. Cut the roll, sprinkle with chopped spring onion and ready to eat.

I am sorry, I seldom follow exact measurement when I try recipe, I just cook the rice enough for two rolls and taste accordingly. 

And here is the handsome chef in the cover of his lovely recipe book :)

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