Taipei Gastronomy {my 8 favourites}

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hello friends, thank you for reading my previous post about my reflection of Taipei trip. Here is the following post, Taipei gastronomy. I always love to explore local food when I travel. Food equal to culture, beside that I indeed love to eat. lol. 

There are many good food in Taipei, I tried as much as I have opportunity to explore the street or local food. I am not pikcy with food as long as not too exotic. Nowadays I try to have a balance diet and eat more vegetables than meat. However if I travelled, I mostly game for anything. This post, I scrutinized my 8 favourites, I might not be able to tell the exact name and desribe the exact taste and texture, thus,a picture is worth a thousand words. I hope you enjoy the post :).

No.8 Fave:   Red bean oven bun (similar with dorayaki).
We had this snack when we strolled Beitou town. What I like about this bun because the bun is oven based instead of fried and the redbean filling is not too sweet, it is suitable snack to have between late breakfast and early dinner as the texture is quite filling.

Verdict: good/vegetarian/light snack

No.7 Fave: Rice vermecili oyester soup 
I tried this food in the famous shop in Ximenting. Honestly why I tried was just because we saw the long queue, so we thought must be famous and nice, lol. It is no.7 fave. The gravy is thick and savorish for soup, I like to add the black vinegar, so it became a litle bit sourish taste. The oyester added a delicate taste of the soup. They serve in hot cup, enjoyable during cool weather. I took this for my light lunch when we take a break from our exploration time in Ximenting during rainy day.

Verdict: good/non vegetarian/contains seafood/heavy snack

No.6 Fave: Soya bean curd
I heard Taiwan is famous for their soya bean curd and snow dessert. I tried snow manggo dessert in Shilin night market. I don't favour snow dessert (that is way not in my fave list), but I like soya bean curd that I had in Fisherman Wharf. There are many choices of the ingredients that serves together with the bean curd, my fave is peanut based soup with tapioca balls.

Verdict: good/vegetarian/contains peanut/dessert

No.5 Fave: Squid fries
This snacks I found randomly in the outdoor shopping center near Taipei101, and suprisingly addictive. The black color is from the squid inks, the texture and taste is very much similar like keropok lekor (Malaysian snack's made from Tenggiri fish). I like the chewy texture, we can also choose the flakes, from seaweed to super spicy chili flakes.  Good to have after a long day of walking.

Verdict: very good/non vegetarian/contains seafood/light snack

No.4 Fave: Braise Pork belly with salted vegetable 
During our stay in Taipei, mostly we explored street food, only the last day before we headed back to KL, we went to dine in the pretty formal restaurant that Teresa from Solo inn suggested. I tried very hard to remember the name of the restaurant, but I seriously couldn't recall. I am always bad with Chinese name, shame on me! The restaurant serve Chinese food cooks in Beitou styles. We ordered three rice dishes, and my personal favourite is braise pork belly with salted vegetable. The pork belly is succulent and melted in the mouth, the combination of the sourish vegetable and the sweetness from the gravy is really mouthwatering. It certainly an excellent dish to bid farewell to Beitou :).

Verdict: very good/non vegetarian/contain lard/main dish

No.3 Fave: Popiah ice cream {Yam ice cream with  ground peanut and mince mint}
This dessert is unusual and addictive for my tastebuds. My friend read about popiah ice cream that sells in Jiu Fen (old town - approx.1hrs plus from Taipei by taxi) that has a good review for it. So when we were in Jiu Fen street market, we immediately spotted this delicacy. There are always long queue for it and the taste is just as good as the review. Let me explain the unusual combination that could produce so refreshing dessert. The popiah skin according to my understanding is normally for savory snack, but they use to wrap the yam ice cream instead, the ground peanut add a rich flavour of the ice cream and the refreshing mince mint add a special refreshing feeling. However, to add mint in it is a personal choice, some rather dislike the smell, I love it. I can't get enough for only one. Even though I ate during Winter, it is still a good dessert in a cooling day.

Verdict: excellent/vegetarian/contain peanut/dessert

No.2 Fave: Spaghetti in mushroom sauce 
From the name, it sound western but this is consider Taiwanese fushion breakast. The sauce has light tomato based with a mushroom flavour. If you ever tried a Hainanese chicken chop, nah the gravy has similar taste.  I mentioned about the breakfast place located in the same area of our rented apartment, they serve a typical Taiwan breakfast, toast and coffee, and noodle and these dish too. So I guess i tis quite common breakfast in Taipei, but for me it is my first time tried such dish for breakfast. We can choose to add bacon and egg on top of the spaghetti too.

Verdict: excellent/vegetarian/non vegetarian/breakfast

No.1 Fave: Rice noodle roll 
Have you tried rice noodle roll in Hong Kong style? this dish is similar except the rice noodle skin is thicker. The filling is egg omelete and ham, the sauce is sweet and sour. I personally love this breakfast dish together with my Americano. Still in the same place from the breakfast place, I almost had it everyday. I gave this dish my no.1 fave :)

Verdict: excellent/vegetarian/breakfast

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