A little thought on Monday: short term goal does not hurt!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Monday friends, I am revamping my blog design, if so happen you drop by and the layout still messy and not in the usual place, please forgive the messiness, it is me behind it. I am not designing my new layout on my own, but I am under budget conscious. I will hopefully share the makeover tips once it done, it does not necessary to be costly to have a pretty and professional look's blog :).

Meanwhile, I recently browsed my old pictures and found these two candid pictures that my friend took during my trip in Amsterdam in 2012. I used to hide these pictures in my the hard disk and not willing to share them. I was so plum and had wrong hair style back then,  I think, now, I shed 10 kgs from these pictures, because in 2013, I set the goal and decided to have a regular exercise and healthy diets. The reason is simple, I just want to live healthier and be there as long as I could for my love ones. When I achieved the goal to loss few kgs, I continue making a habit to set another random small goals, I do not believe in year-end resolution, I tried and none achieved. So beside my regular to do list in the office/home, I like to set a short term resolution/goal instead.  I feel life is much more excited when you walk through with the determination to achieve the goal that you set in the short term basis, weekly for example; this week I will complete revamping my blog. Next  week I will try a new lemon tart recipes, etc,etc. And when I really get it done I feel it give me a satisfaction and looking forward to a new week. 

That's just a little tips on Monday afternoon. Have a great week ahead!

{images took on the street of Amsterdam when meeting my good friend}

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