A Virtual trip in Korean town LA { The Line Hotel}

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hello friend, how is your Thursday? seem very long day to go, isn't it? weekend is approaching yet not close either, we still have another day or two working day. So this afternoon is a time to have a day-dream for a while, a time to have a virtual trip with me :).

If you follow my blog, you certainly know when I traveled, I love to explore and always longing for a hip and authentic concept of accommodation, eating places, shops and surrounding community. I am glad that such concept becoming more and more in Kuala Lumpur - the city where I live. I was in downtown KL last weekend and I saw few old buildings that converted into a concept hotel and cafe. I promise my self, that I will one day allocate my time, bring my camera, and take a walk to downtown to capture those beauty :). I have been dreaming if I can write a travel guide book about it too.. haaa..  

As for now, let us imagine our selves in downtown Los Angeles, to be exact is in Korean town neighborhood. When I visited LA in 2011, I did not have a chance to visit Korean town, my sister asked me to revisit LA beginning of next year, I am considering it and if I go, I will definitely would love to stay in The Line Hotel in Korean town that just opened recently. This hotel has an interesting concept, it is a collaboration project by Sydell group (a developer that specialist in lifestyle oriented hotel) with chef Roy Choi, Poketo and other artist in their own expertise. I knew about this hotel through Poketo's instagram. I am fans of Poketo's product, Angie Myung - the owner of Poketo and also a Korean born American, she and her husband are successfully grown this lifestyle shop by inducing a little bit of Asian design (Zakka) in their selective pieces. 

Back to the Line hotel, it nestled in the iconic American cement old building in the very hip and happening neighborhood of Korean town. It said the surrounding it self never sleep. I could imagine that whenever there is an Asian community, there will be always a good food and noises :). Cement, brick and mortar are always my preference, it looks everlasting and ragged and with a good lighting and minimalist furniture, it becomes perfectly cozy :). When I saw the picture of the hotel bed, I immediately want to sleep on it,. I have no expertise to write about hotel review, but I am glad to find more of life style/ bnb hotels offer a variety of bed linen in term of color and design. White is good and standard, but I guess it is not a sore in the eyes either if we can have more soft color or event vibrant color to add some mood for the guests. Furthermore, this hotel provide not only American soft drink and liquor in their room minibar, but also various of Korean drink. After all the location says it all! Here are some pictures of the hotel...

Poketo opened their lifestyle shop in this hotel. Glad to know that. I also learned about chef Roy Choi - an American born Korean chef who managed several dining outlet inside the hotel. There are Pot, Pot lobby bar and cafe. He introduces Korean underground food market concept and the Korean bar style. Definitely something we need to experience when we stay at the hotel.  I never been to Korea, so I could not imagine how the dining experience will be, but recently I bought a book about dining guide in Seoul, for God grace, there are so many wonderful lifestyle cafe and coffee places that I wish to visit in Seoul :). 

I always has a soft spot for man who cooks, so I decided to research about chef Roy Choi. He is apparently named of one of the best new chef 2010 by Food and Wine magazine, he also own Kogi - Korean taco truck. I saw some of my friends who live in America, especially in California, they mentioned that there are various food truck will schedule to stop in certain area, so then they will enjoy various food from the food truck seller, an interesting concept I shall say. I think in Malaysia it similar like 'Lok Lok' - the steamboat food sold in van, haha.. do you think so? Also, here are some pictures of the hotel cafe...

And I am happy to see that The Line hotel also collaborate with mural artist. Similar with what I've seen in Solo Inn - Taipei, to paint the wall bright and cheer up the local community, that;s the way to go...

So, don't you think this place worth to visit? I hope you enjoy my short virtual trip. Have a good day.

{Images credit: @Poketo, @Thelinehotel Instagram}

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