2in1 study room

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hello friends. Finally my study room is in place. I am so happy and thank you for my husband who installed the study desk and the books shelf. It is nothing special, we just got the furniture mostly from IKEA, but what makes me happy is now we have conducive study/work room and furthermore, the dining table is no longer messy with paper, cable and lap top. I kinda of stressful whenever I saw my dining room is in a mess and I have to shove those working related stuff before serving dinner...phew... bye bye messiness.

I stayed in two and half room condominium, the half room size is seriously difficult to do anything about it. It doesn't have a door and the size is too small for converting a real guess room/3rd room, so this room was evolved many times, it used to be so called 'sun room' like this... iekk {as if I live in the 4 season country}. I put sofa bed and throw pillows, but after a few months I get rid of the rarely used sofa bed, since then the half room just a messy room {see the before picture below}.

When we have intention to change to study room, we started to look for a long table that could fit the length of the room yet me and my husband could share working table comfortably, Ikea Linnmon/Alex table top is just the prefect size, it is 2 meter length to fit 2.30 meter the length of our study room. There is 30 cm gap{2nd picture below}, but now we added the Draggan trolley beside the table as a charging station for our tablet and phone, it is functional to add in the trolley as it freed our table space from the tablets/phones. The overall study room is now look like these below pictures. This room  is having a morning light, so I am not afraid to put some of our indoor plants on top of the table, at least they have chance to survive better :).

We divided into 2 territories, mine and him :). Even though  we rarely working in the same time at home we still have our own space instead of combining our station. His timing is more flexible than mine and most of the time he will use this space more. 

Picture below is his space, He dislike clutter space , so I only placed a cactus and calendar with words of encouragement that I bought for him for Christmas exchange gift. Btw, I was in charge of decorating while he did the installation of the furniture, what a fun role :).

And this is my space. More plants and my handsome man :).

This is my third book shelf, I just have it recently when we set up our study room. Now my books are more organize. I keep my cooking book and decoration book in each separate shelves. This shelf is for files, novels and random academic books that I owned.

This is the picture of the room before we finally revamped it to be our study room, it had been an agony to see this messy room for few months, I always like to keep my house as good looking as possible :)


  1. Love your 2in1 study room idea and decoration! You should get more motivation and inspiration to push your limits now as your two handsome men are always by your side ^_^

  2. Thank you Anita. I think I am blessed with the two great men beside me :)