3 simple and healthy recipes {For busy day}

Monday, May 19, 2014

Good Monday friends, this week my night teaching starts, I will work more than 40 hours a week, I always find a way to managed my time for cooking meals for my self and family. My daughter has her meals in her day care for weekdays, so I only cook for her during weekend, in fact I only cook heavy meals for my small family during weekend. On weekdays I have no much energy left to do:). In fact, my husband is not everyday joins me for dinner so sometime I often making meal for one ( link to recipe - the cooking for one). Here are three super fast, healthy and simple recipes that I repeatedly made, lately. Enjoy....

1. Two ingredient pancake
Recipe from A cup of Jo (please do not compare the picture, as hers is much more presentable, hehe). 
1 Banana ( I use Cavendish, but any banana will do)
1 Egg
Cinnamon sugar for sprinkle (or fruity fruits, such as; blueberry, strawberry, peaches, etc)
Beat the egg, mash the banana, mixed together, melt the butter on the pan and fried like you are making an omelet/pancake.
Suitable for breakfast, but I eat it for dinner as well :). Your kids will love this natural sugar caramelized taste from the banana.

2. Steam pumpkin
Recipe from my Japanese friend (thank you Nako-chan)
1 or 1/2 local pumpkin or Japanese pumpkin or any type of pumpkin family, does not matter.
Assorted nuts for sprinkle (optional), I use roasted almond and cashew nuts 
Peal the pumpkin skin, cut, sprinkle with sea salt, steam for 20 min or until tender but not soggy/too soft. 
Suitable for lunch or dinner. Nako suggested to steam with the skin as it is nutritious.
Alternatively you can steam the skinless pumpkin, mash it then mix with a little bit of Japanese mayonnaise and thinly cut Kyuri (Japanese cucumber). 

3. Beetroot salad
Canned beetroot 
Cheery tomatoes
Watercress leave
Natural/Low fat plain yogurt
Slice of Lemon
Walnut bread, or any multi-grain bread (toasted)
Cashew nuts
Prepare ingredients, few Tb.sp. of yogurt and squeeze lemon. Mix them well together. Sprinkle with cashew nuts and serve with toast bread.
Suitable for light dinner. I don't have any measurement, I just mix n taste. You can substitute beetroot with watermelon, nice and refreshing. I love beetroot, I can't find fresh one, so I bought them in a can, they are already cut and roasted, if you buy the fresh one then you need to cut and roast them first till tender before making the salad.

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