A little thought on Monday : Plants at home

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hello friends. How is your weekend? for lovely moms, how is your Mothers day celebration? happy belated Mothers day :). Where I grew up, the celebration on Mothers day fall on the 22nd December, so I am still not get used with celebrating a Mothers day on the 11th May, nevertheless, I have a lovey and simple celebration with my little one and husband cleaned the house too, so it was a bonus hehe.

Talking about cleaning my house, yesterday while hubby was diligently mopping the floor I did a little bit of spring cleaning in my living room. I feel happy to make the space less clustered. My husband is in the process to do a minor make over with our reading room, for now, he just built another additional book shelves, so at least my books which clustered in the living room now have a place. Here is the post how I placed my book while they are still homeless :). Now that my living room has space to decorate and I don't really like the idea to cluster it again with many decoration items, I seriously put aside a budget to fill in with indoor plants instead. I feel the plants will benefit us more, I'm beginning to read and research what kind of indoor plants are suitable for our living room and most importantly are easy to take care. Few plants were died in my hands, I don't want to add the dead list...hiks. Please give me indoor plants name that I shall buy if you have any?

Below is the visual of my idea that I wish I could decorate my living room with few indoor plants.

And these two pictures are  my current plants that I have in my living room. One cactus is dying... how pathetic it looks, not the cactus, but the look of my entire indoor plants collection :).
Btw, you guys are  keen with having them indoor as well? or it is so much to take care?
Have a good day then...

{Image credit: 1st pic - Breanna Rose

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