Child friendly restaurant in KL + {my three faves}

Friday, May 23, 2014

Hello friends, I am survived the first week of my new schedule. I managed it and thanks to my hubby who willing to take care my daughter when I am concurrently having  two days night teaching. My students are awesome as always, seeing their keen face to learn makes me happy :). This Sunday I have to work extra hours for my clients. Today is Friday and I am already looking forward for next week.

My days typically is a busy working mom day, those who are a working mommy will know how it sounds, not always hectic but majority it is. However, how hectic and busy it could be, I always put aside my time to meet my girl friends. Spending a quality time with family and having a great time with my girl friends is a totally different feeling but both give me a positive vibes in my life. In some meetings I have to bring my daughter, my husband is not always available to take care of her.When she was still a toddler, I just gave her books/snacks/toys in her high chairs and she was happy to be occupied by it. Now, that she is a little girl, she could become restless for 3 to 4 hours lunch appointment and start wanting to go home and give me a sour face, so to be fair for her, I always request to my friends if I could suggest a child friendly restaurant. I am glad that I found few and the list below are my favorite rotation.
Now, that I settled the venue, I have seriously great time with my girl friends while my daughter often also making new friends in the play space that the child friendly restaurant could offer.

My favorite rotations in Bangsar/PJ/Mt. Kiara area (where I live near by): 

1. I love Marmalade cafe in Publika, they seriously has a huge playing space, almost like a little nursery. I love their carrot cakes and choices of healthy salad. 
2. Namoo in the Park is my favorite when the weather is cooling, so my daughter could spend at the outdoor playground while I could have my dessert at their alfresco dining. My post about the place is here.

3. I enjoy Antipodean's food and they serve great coffee. They have a little playing nook that I feel safe to let my daughter plays while I have a chat with my friends. Both Bangsar and KL venue have the little nook.

I haven't tried  Fit for 2 in Bangsar, but I saw the picture, it looks lovely and have ample playground. Also Ikea cafe is my daughter fave, however I feel the place is always crowded. I am very careful to choose the place where I could let my daughter roam freely. Not being skeptical, but yes, the safety in this country is becoming scarcity, I really wish that I could have this in Malaysia while enjoying my cuppa, it would be sooo cool. What do you think?  

Have great weekend then... talk to you next week, please come again :).

{Image : I took during my lunch discussion prior of our Taipei trip with my girl friends at Marmelade - Publika}

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