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Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello friends, I have been MIA for more than a week, I feel bad whenever I was absent and I feel happy whenever I have time to write in here. I was travelling last week, I went back to my home country last weekend, usually when I traveled I always share my travel post, but I did not capture enough share worthy picture, so I decided not to write about it, I posted on my Instagram though if you willing to take a peek, you are welcome :).

Recently, my daughter is very interested to the idea of having a pet. She loves to talk to the cats that hanging around in our condo lobby, she loves to visit my husband's auntie and play with our adopted dog that stays with his aunt. We are currently having our pet tortoise which is nested in our balcony, we put her in a large fish box, on top of our outdoor table together with our little plants. She seems peaceful and happy :). I am stumble upon this inspiring home in Yishun -Singapore belong to Ann and James, both are animal advocate who have a mini zoo in the house, thus, they still keep their house beautiful and tidy. Browse through more pictures of their inspiring home in here. Do you have any tips to keep your home clean and tidy while you are living with your pet/pets? I would love to know, I think we will adopt a small dog anytime when our daughter is ready to be responsible to take care of her furkid sibling :).

I will write again soon, please come back and visit again :)

{image credit of And and James home via Lilreddotfolks}

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