Midweek thought: Whatever happen in the lift...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I have a bit of time to jolt down my thought today. It is Wednesday and the day seem longer than usual :). How many of you live in the high rise building? have you often bump into your neighbors inside the lift and struggle to make a casual conversation? I do and it is so shameful when I do a lot of ice breaking session with my clients but speechless with my neighbors. The lists to initiate a conversation that I have are very limited, such as; oh, how are you? oh good, ok then have a nice day and full stop. Oh your son is so cute, smile at him and full stop. Sometime 2-3 minutes in the lift feels like forever. I think I sound ridiculously mean by stating this, however, I feel urban living gives people a sense of wariness, people are more cautious about the surrounding and prefer to be more reserved. I have a difficulty to approach my neighbors as their body language talk the opposite. They are friendly people but that is all, the messages is clear 'Whatever happen in the lift, stays in the lift, don't touch my personal life beyond the lift'. lol!

On the opposite, last two week when I went back to my hometown, I went out with my mom, I strolled my hometown neighborhood road. My few aunts live nearby, so I just walk over to their houses. My mom know all of her neighbors, making a casual chats and  laughing together. It gives me a warm feeling that actually my mom neighbors know who am I and where I live. I miss this sense of humility, friendliness and warmness that I rarely get in where I live currently. Is the urban live enforce us to be more individualistic? I am truly worry about it. I still hope I don't lose my sense of humanity as I still believe, we, human are design to be a social creatures, to live and mingle to each other.

Have a great day ahead, friends!

{images via Death of Elocution}

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