Plant at home {the story continues...}

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Monday to everyone. I hope your incoming week will be brighter than usual. Today, I am not in the tip top mood to start my Monday, as much as I love my job, but dealing with inconsiderate people could be so irritating. However, I am trying my best not to ruin my mood for the next few hours that I have in the office. I wish to go home with a better mood and I think I will. Home is a rejuvenate place for me after a long day at work. And talk about home, I recently blog about plant at home in here, now the story continues... :).
I finally bought few additional plants with me.When I went to my regular nursery, I asked the lady to choose for me carefully some indoor plants that easy to take care and won't die. She laughed and asked me, there is no such things it won't die if you don't take care well, so all the plants that you bought previously were not survived? I said, Indeed!

Now that I bought numbers of them, I determine to really make them survive. I even talk to them, I heard we shall talk to our plants, is there such things? But having them at home is quiet therapeutic, especially after a stressful day at work, seeing these greens are refreshing. I placed them rotating around my living room and study room.

Have a green day ahead then... and as promised in my next post I will show you my study room that finally in place :). God bless!

The money plan is the best. They are a truly survivor even though they have to stay with the owner like me :).

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  1. Love it, love it, love it! The collection is beautiful and so are all the pots. Tres chic.