What keeps me going? + {inspiration of working space}

Friday, May 16, 2014

Hello friends, today is Friday, today is a happy day because weekend is near :). Next week  will be a busier day, week or months for me. I will start my night teaching again after two week of a good break, I am teaching six hours this semester, means in total I am officially working for 46 hours in a week and unofficially may be 50 or 60 hours a week? because teaching a new subject requires plenty of reading, research and preparation.

My typical day will start at 5.30 am in the morning, sipping my cup of coffee, waking up my kid and husband, getting ready and  driving my kid to school, then to work or sometime to clients (depend on my schedule, as a trainer I am quiet mobile), then I finished my work by  5.30 pm, follow by fetching my kid from school/day care, reach home at 7 pm-7.30 pm , cooking dinner, doing house chores, spending time with family (hints: quality over quantity :p), till time will be showing at 10.30 pm and time to sleep. It is seem impossible to squeeze other tasks in between, somehow, last year,  I am able to do it by taking 3 hours teaching job for every Friday at night (my husband will then fetch my kid). So this semester is 6 hours (2 days in a week), will it be tougher? yes, but I am ready for the challenge. What to keep me going are my interest in the job that I am doing, the support from my family and by God grace who gives me the opportunity to unleash my potential and share to others. I am certain, I am not alone, there are many inspiring working mothers that juggle between work and family too. So what takes you to keep going? I wish all of you the best in whatever you do.

Below are some inspiration of working space that I pinned, my husband is 'still' in progress of making our study/reading room to be more comfortable for us to work from home. I hope it will be ready soon. I hope the new working space will give me more energy and new ideas.

Have great weekend everyone. And Happy Teachers Day for all my educator friends.

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