Local Travel : Penang - Armenian st + {3 tops fave of family holidays}

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hello friends, I have a good three days break over the weekend. We had a short trip to Penang. It is school holiday, so we thought of bringing our daughter for a short break too. She had a great time of playing in the beach behind our hotel. For two days we just stayed in our hotel, swimming and lounging in the beach, then the third day, we decided to have a little bit of detour in George town (Penang old town). I've been to Penang many times but never really explore George Town before, we decided to park our car in Armenian street and rented bicycle. We explored the street, took a picture of unexpected mural arts around the heritage areas, shopped at the street vendors and enjoyed the 70's ice shaves in the hot day. 

Also, there are many ways to spend a family holiday beyond just visiting a theme park. Personally my top three are:

1. Family road trip 
I love our Western Australia road trip last year. I think we spent so much of quality time during the trip. We had so much freedom to decide on our itinerary as well, especially when we have children below 7 years old, flexible itinerary is the key to enjoy family holidays. Takes a scenic driving routes is another plus point, my favorite is l the ocean view.

2. Historical/educational detours
Another great idea to spend my family holiday will be self-program historical/educational detours to museum, educational park and historical trails. My daughter enjoyed the bicycle ride along the Armenian street, we explain to them about the street mural arts and some other art pieces that we found along the street corner. 
(click this link  for a walking tour map of the Armenian st, bicycle rent is RM10/bike).
Last year when we visited North Bridge in Perth, she had fun with musical instrument which displays in the park nearby museum.

3. Farm stay/country stay
I just love to bring my family to stay for few days in the farm or country side. Staying near natures is nothing but rejuvenate experience for us adult and children as well, especially urban people like us where natures is no longer widely available nearby.   

I hope you enjoy your the pictures that I shared, next post I will share a few favorite pictures and moment of Ipoh, a town that we visited on the way back to KL.
Have a great day!

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