I am back with four :)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

I was on blogging hiatus for almost exactly a year. My last post was not inspirational, gloomy and lethargic, I thought something completely wrong with me, but it turned up I was pregnant :).

Life has been chaotic as always, with the new edition it is more hectic. The sleepless night was over, my little one is now 4 months, thanks God she started to sleep through the night in her 3rd month. However, It does not mean getting easier, it is just getting better as we are adapted with our new life journey.

Slowly, I am back in tune, busy being working mother and will start my night part time teaching two weeks from now, so  thought of starting to blog again, it will keep my sanity by writing here. Furthermore I miss this space, my personal space that I am free to share inspirational, fun and interesting lots with all of you.. so here I am, I will be back with frequent posts (hopefully). For now, I'd like to share these adorable photos of bundle of our joy

Big sister...

Latest edition (full stop).

Photo credit: Samantha Yong Photography

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