5 things to do in Macau with two young kids

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Last December 2015, we had family holiday in Macau. My sister asked me what fun will you have to travel to Macau with children at young ages? I turned out to be relaxing and fun family holiday.

Macau is a gambling city that most of the people said it is replication of  Las Vegas (I never been to LV so I do not know the exact scene) and also normally a day visitation place to detour when people holidaying to Hong Kong. So I have least to expect when we wanted to stay in Macau for 4 days, we were taking easy this time as we have 2 small children and 1 senior citizen (my mother in law) travelled with us. In my personal opinion, few places that I feel very relaxing and good to visit with family are these places:

1. Broadway walk
My friend who worked in Macau helped me to design the itinerary and put in consideration that I travelled with young children, she suggested this newly open place called Broadway walk - the first hawker style street where we also could witness some random performance while enjoying sitting in the cafe. Children are entertained very much by the magic show or 'tall' people walking around. As it is outdoor, so it is good to visit during Winter. Macau in Dec has a mild Winter, so it is still comfortable walking outdoor.

2. The Taipa Houses- museum 
The museum consist of five typical Macanese architectural house built in 1921. The entrance ticket is very affordable Mop2 per adult and we can have access to enter all of the houses. My elder daughther enjoyed to detour the houses and the good thing; there were huge Christmas garden with beautiful Christmas decoration and flowers conjuncted with the museum. It seem they held the garden Christmas festival every December.

3. Taipa Village
We skipped other attraction places such A-ma temple and other churches and instead we were heading to Taipa village after the museum visitation. Taipa village is an charming enclave which offers a unique Chinese/Portuguese old houses, shops and cafes. It is only take one or a little bit more hours to explore the main street, so my children doesn't feel restless. Taipa village is a suitable place to have a little shopping for local delicacies without making your children complaining (Most kids dislike shopping spots, I supposed).

 4. The hotel lobby shows
It sound ridiculous, but my children were so fascinated with those shows. Some hotels really put a lot of effort to make the show very massive and spectacular to 'wow' the audiences. In fact, before the show started, the front row were always full with people. The picture below doesn't' do any justice :o.
The hotel lobby show that we visited:
  • Wynn Hotel (They also has a light dancing fountain attraction at night) 
  • Galaxy Hotel 
  • The Venetian Macau (outdoor projector light show at night), where if we stand in the bridge, we also could enjoy the changing LED light of City of dream hotels. 
We wanted to visit MGM hotel as our friend is working at the hotel, she recommend that my kids would love the Grand aquatic in the hotel lobby. I am sure they are, when I saw the video I feel so intrigued with the massive set up.

5. The House of the dancing water 
It is a splurge but it is also a must :). The cheapest ticket is not entirely cheap for our Ringgit and my ten month old baby (back then on December 2015) also requires to pay full amount of children price. Again, thank you to our friend that she helps me to purchase with staff discounts, we safe a bit :).

The show is about a love story plot that involve 270 degree view theatre and probably million gallon of water, impressive effects and lighting. The show last for 90 minutes and both of my children enjoyed the performance very much. My baby was very fascinating and observant, she knows mommy paid full ticket to not to be wasted :p
Unfortunately we are not allowed to take picture inside the venue, but you could browse the site to find out more.

We also visited St Paul ruins and Senado square, but there are many people in the both places, it is not so convenience to explore with small children and senior citizen.

We stayed in Sheraton Sands Cotai in Cotai strip, our hotel is in strategic location and within walking distance to The Venetian, City of Dream and and the newest attraction- Studio City. From our hotel, patronage with children could enjoy The DreamWorks parade and breakfast with Sherk package. Our kids love to stay in Sheraton too, the room is spacious, breakfast was alright. Check in and out is fast regardless you are a Starwood member and the best way to commute for a day tour around Macau is by hiring a car. We hire a van similar like Toyota Alphard for HKD250/hour.

I hope my post is helpful for those who plan a short holiday with family to Macau. This blog is also a good read for Macau guide with kids.

Till the next post...:)

{Special thanks to Casey Cheah}

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