Dalia Joy 1st birthday party

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hello friends. It has been four months since my last post, happy new year!  and just like that, Dalia turned ONE last month on January, 15th 2016. How time really flies!

We celebrated Dalia's first birthday in a small and cozy atmosphere at our condominium jacuzzi deck. Since it was an outdoor party, I was bit worried with the unpredicted January weather. I kept observing the weather forecast when we decorated the outdoor space, at 3 pm the 50% possibility of rain turned to 90%, the sky turned darker. The party starts at 4pm, within half an hour before 4 pm, we dismantled everything and moved the event at the covered corridor near the deck. Moral of the story, don't ever try to against the weather forecast +_+

For decoration. I kept it simple without specific theme. I really love the colorful honeycomb paper decorations, so I bought few sizes of honeycomb balls to decorate the venue and petite honeycomb diamond for the goodie bags. I ordered letter/ number gold ballon too, I wasn't aware I placed  the no.1 ballon in the opposite direction until I sorted out the pictures and saw it, lol.

For the goodie bag, I DIY-ed them and filled in with healthy snacks such as assorted fruits (apple, kiwi, strawberry), mini box of breakfast cereal, raisin and chocolate milk. I figured children shall consume a healthy snacks rather than sweet or junk food :).

For the birthday cake, I  custom ordered the 9 inch round chocolate cake and requested for pink ombre butter icing with edible rose flowers and meringue kisses on top of the cake. I really like how the cake turned up, the vendor done a great job fulfilling my request.

For the catering, I was contemplating of doing a high tea party since the party starts at 4 pm, but in the end I decided to order Indonesian Rijstafel and also assorted tea time snacks and I knew I ordered too much @_@.
Our guests are mix of Indonesian living in Malaysia and also local Malaysian. So I wanted them to enjoy Indonesian cuisine. It is something that my Indonesian friends will love and my Malaysian friends will surely enjoy the flavorful tastes of Rijstafel.

Rijstafel is actually a Dutch words that literally translated in English as a rice table. It consists of rice with many side dishes. I think it is similar like Banchan in Korean food :). Rijstasfel was originally a Colonial Indonesian cuisine, the Dutch had them for celebration, it can be a massive dishes as many as 40 types, but nowadays there are many presentation styles of Rijstafel depending on which island/province you belong to. In my hometown we usually have the yellow rice or nasi tumpeng for any celebration. My catering lady made the nasi tumpeng into a barbie doll dress (the common nasi tumpeng is in cone shape), I thought it is cute, right?. She cooked 5 side dishes along with the yellow rice. I actually ordered more portion without decorating it in barbie style for our guests, in the end the barbie Rijstafel was just for display. Lol!

For activities, I hired the bubble art master for two hours. The kids were facsinating with the super giant bubbles and it was also the best decision to hire one, the adults could sit n eat while the kids were entertaining themselves by playing bubbles. It was fun right before it started a heavy rain, the kids still had chances to play bubbles outdoor. This activity can't be having it indoor as floor become slippery and dangerous for the kids

For educational purpose, we requested our guests to not bring present for Dalia instead donate staple goods for Children Shelter Home. We hope with this practice, our children will be able to share and care for others.

Here is the BTS.
My sister decorated the jazucci deck before the sky turned dark, at that time I still imagine how nice having it in the deck, very cosy! While adults sitting and enjoying food, kids could roam around in the pool or play bubbles. But occasionally, life is not always as it nice as it seem to be , we just have to be ready with plan B -_- .

Thank you for reading, hope to talk to you again soon.


  1. Hi may i know where to hire the bubble master and pricing?

    1. you can find his IG @kaptenbuehbossa and WA him for pricing. he has several packages. Hope this info helps :)