Abon Ikan Cikalang Joomukbap {cooking for one #8}

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Last week my friend gave me Abon ikan cikalang (literally translated as Skip Jack Tuna floss). Ikan Cikalang is one type of fish and normally cook in Manado style that I really like to eat. I haven't found them in Malaysia before, but now that I know the English name is Skip Jack Tuna, may be it is sold in the local market.

Abon (meat floss) is my childhood dish. If my mother was lazy to cook, she will feed us Abon and warm rice, sometime when we were lucky, she added prawn crackers into it. Abon is rich in flavours and easy to keep, that is why our mother like to use it as last source when she did not have anything to serve :p. I enjoyed that simple dish, in fact when she offered me the dish, I never complain about it.
I think my childhood friend from Indonesia will be able to relate this situation. Everyone would have that experience, eating Abon with warm rice, right friends?

Today, I improvised a bit by making them into Joomukbap (literally means fist rice in Korean) or similarly like Onigiri in Japanese dish. In this case, I called them Joomukbap because I served with Kimchi and Gamjajorim (potato banchan).

Furthermore, Joomukbap is also very practical dishes. It does not require long time to prepare and neat dishes for lunch box. It also allow us to be creative, because we could mix with any filling or flavour as desired.

I made Gamjajorim (potato side dish/banchan), it is easy to make. I will share my version of recipe in the next post :).

Abon Cikalang Joomukbap (주먹밥) recipe


1C Short grain rice ( Korean or Japanese rice)

Rice Seasoning:
1-2 Tbsp Sesame oil (Korean brand preferably)
2 pinch of good quality of Sea salt
Black sesame seed

Rice filling:
Abon ikan cikalang or substitute with chicken or pork floss


1. Rice
Short grain rice is the best for anything to do with Korean or Japanese rice dishes. Cooks 1 cup of rice for making 3-4 small triangle mould joomukbap (as picture) in rice cooker. The composition of water vs rice is varied, depending on your rice cooker, but don't over cooked them. Rice shall be firmer than usual.

2. Season the rice
Once the rice are cooked, spread them into flat plate, wait for 1 minutes until rice a little bit cool down or warm, season the rice with sesame oil and pinch of salt. Mix using spatula. Taste them and adjust accordingly.

3. Making the joomukbap
As seen in the picture, I made two type of jookmukbap.

  • I mix the seasoned rice with sesame seed and I put abon ikan cikalang as a filling inside the     rice triangle.
  • I mix the seasoned rice with abon ikan cikalang before putting them into a triangle mould. 

You can decorate or wrap with kim - 김 (seaweed) as you wish.

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