Dania Faith turns 6

Friday, April 22, 2016

My eldest daughter turned 6 years old last month. Last night she told me that she is always be my little girl forever even though she grows older, brought a warm tears in my eyes.

She is sensible and warm person. She is bubbly and enjoys talking, too much sometime, but it is alright, as long as she talks, I will listen. I can spend the whole day just to listen to her talking. She talks like an adult, she know who she will marry, though still confuse in between Jang Keun Suk or her classmate. It is tough choice for her :).

If I have to describe about her, it will takes forever. But I am forever blessed to have such daughter like her, I want her to know and been telling her everyday, how much I love her.
Daughter is the best present from God, I truly believe that.

Happy belated birthday, Dania. May you grow up to be a happy girl, loves God and serves him wholeheartedly....

Photo taken by Samantha Young Photography.

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