7 things I love about Sydney

Monday, June 20, 2016

Recently, I visited Sydney and Melbourne in conjunction with my company incentive trip, but I decided to fly to Sydney three days earlier to explore the beautiful harbour city in my own pace and to meet my good friend that I haven't seen him for 10 years. Both occasions left a very memorable traveling journey.

Back when I was in early 20's, Sydney was my first overseas holiday trip. I was young and barely settled down with my first job. For the girl who always passionated to travel, I was so thrilled with my first overseas trip. I was very hurry to see everything of the city has to offer- one places after another with a sore leg, limited budget and ended up with a very obscure memories...

After almost two decades, I revisited Sydney again, still a very lovely city - one that I still love, the only thing that has changed is the way I traveled and seeing things. I am more settled and prefer a slow paces of travelling. I do not mind to just exploring in one place at a time or in a day, then, sit, relax, wait for the twilight's moment and day dreaming, that is why I am able to enjoy Sydney to the fullest.

I believe to travel is to live, so when you have chance, just go for it....

Here are my 7 things that I love about Sydney (and some of them are most probably very random);

1.  Autumn in Sydney
This is a totally random liking. Crips air, falling leaves, boots, sweater, flushed cheeks, I totally live in Autumn. In Autumn, everything looks and smells good, even my hot latte taste nicer :). Autumn is my most favourite season to travel. Wandering on the street, stopping by to pick up dry leaves, chatting with a good travel companions, Sydney looks very beautiful in Autumn and  It is totally a very simple happiness that I could ask for.

2. Pretty cafes and cakes
Breakfast, coffee and cakes are my personal indulgence when I traveled. It is not a low calorie activity, but cafe's hopping is definitely a fun pass time when I visit to a new place. People living in Sydney are so blessed, there are many good cafes and eatery to explore. I personally love the cafes along Surry hills (Messina for the best gelato and Bills for breakfast) and in Paddington area. During my stay, my friend brought me to eat a very pretty watermelon cake (with edible flower topping) from BlackStar Pastry and a famous V8 Vanilla cake from Zumbo by pastry chef Adriano Zumbo. I enjoyed Lindt Chocolate cafe as well , also a hearty breakfast by the handsome duo at Basket Brothers located in between Elizabeth St and Wentworth Ave. The rest of the cafes were so random finds that I am not able to recall some of them :p.

3. The harbour bridge 
As much as I adore the iconic Sydney opera house, but I can't stop to admire the Sydney Harbour bridge. The bridge was built in 1923 and open for public in 1932 under direction of Dr John Bradfield, such a beautiful masterpiece. I am glad that I decided to climb the Sydney bridge and able to enjoy the 360 degree view of entire Sydney CBD and beyond, another phenomenal experience in a lifetime. Also, me and my colleagues purchased a public ferry ride from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay to catch the sunset at the Opera house. I personally recommended this ride (either for the first timer or not), I took in total 3 ferry rides around the harbour and never get tired for the surrounding sceneries, Luna park at day and night is one of a fascinating view that I never get bored to loot at.

{1. Cruising below the Sydney harbour, 2. Luna Park, 3. Sunset in Opera house bar}

4. The rocks
The Rocks might sound touristy, therefore, the Rocks surrounding provide an astonishing and historical environment where I can enjoy the eighteenth to early twentieth century buildings which converted into shops, cafes and boutique accommodations. I enjoy the weekend flea market very much, there are few products worth buying, such as local honey, homemade soy candles and artisan cakes and foods. Furthermore, from the Rocks, we can have a slow walks toward Opera House and along the way we could enjoy some of the street performances. A perfect place to enjoy during weekend.

5. Pretty random buildings and houses
Again, this is so random liking, but I always enjoy colonial architectures and laid back design houses. When I strolled along the city, I can't help to snap as many pretty buildings and houses as possible. I enjoyed Sydney, because amongst the modern buildings, there are still many oldies ones that preserved. Houses in Paddington are so pretty, we were there to explore the surrounding, I skipped the main road shops and walk into a smaller lanes to enjoy the neighbourhood, there are pretty indie shops in between terrace houses, the experience was very pleasant.

{1. Central station, 2. Paddy market and China town area, 3 and 4. Houses in Paddington}

6.  Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach is a famous beach among local and tourist, this is my second time visited Bondi, when I was in early 20s, I stayed at the beach only less than 30 minutes to rush to another destination, this time we stayed about half of our day; sitting, lunching and sipping our mojito at Iceberg club. Life was so good.... One of my fave laze holiday spot that I could ask for :).

7.  Beyond Sydney
We made a day trip to Blue Mountain and during a luncheon we stopped by a very pretty village calls Leura, part of Katoomba. I enjoyed both Leura and Blue Mountain visit very much beside the scenery is beautiful it is also a good gateway spot from the city life.
{1 and 2 Three Sisters Blue Mountain, 3. Downtown Katoomba}

*Thank you to all my travel companion and my friends who I met in Sydney, The trip is so memorable because of all of you :)
**Picture credit: iPhone snaps and some pictures was taken by my colleagues.

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