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Monday Thought

Monday Thought is a series that I write every Monday jolting down my little thought about somethings inspired me in daily life.
It is also to maintain my blog to stay personal and intimate to my readers. 

{image is taken from my series, source - here}

Wednesday Picks

Wednesday Picks is a series that I created out of boredom in mid weeks. I thought if I picked something that I like (in weekly basis), it will keep me inspired. And I thought if I share it at my blog, it will also keep all of you inspired :)

{image is taken from my series,  source -here}

Weekend Series
Weekend Series is actually not a series that I intent to create, It is just a weekend post to say happy weekend and an update for my readers about weekend's plan. Therefore unintentionally it's labeled under series.. oh well!

{image is taken from my series, source - here}